What is the Naked Nord Cornerclub?

Contrary to popular belief, the NNC is not a club for degenerates. Named for the questline, the Naked Nord Cornerclub embraces the honored tradition of social clubs with absurd, audacious, and even awkward names – and a social club is indeed what we are.

The NNC is a social guild that focuses on non-combat entertainment. Members might initiate their own combat events, however the guild-led events stray away from the fray. Everyone already has a PvP guild, a Trials guild, and the like. Instead, the NNC chooses to be a relaxing place full of shenanigans.

What do we do?

In this guild, we embrace the non-combat content, finding fun in various activities, from the day-to-day such as Housing and Crafting and Fishing, to the more absurd shenanigans saved for special occasions, like Hide n’ Go Seek and Lawn Darts. 

We run raffles and contests fairly regularly, with something to offer for everyone, regardless of their skill level. No one should feel intimidated by anyone else’s skills, we are here to have fun.

Above all else, we favor community and communication, building lasting bonds within the ranks 

Who Are We?

The NNC was founded on respect and love. We are a family and an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ players and allies.

Many come to this guild because they have either has a bad experience with toxic gaming environments or just need a place to be themselves. In this way, our guild is more than a game – for some people it may be the first place they feel acceptance.

We support and guide each other. We resolve conflict as adults with respect and always assuming the best of intentions. We strive to make this a place of refuge and relaxation, not one of drama and stress. 

ᛜWe Are the naked nord cornerclubᛜ