ᛜNaked Nord Cornerclub Eventsᛜ

Here you will find a listing of some of the various events we have done, or are in the works. Click on the name in the list to view the details about the event!

Short Contests take place in a single session.
Long Contests take place over a period of time.
Events & Shenanigans are guild events without prizes.
Raffles are the regular gold and material raffles. 

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Short Contests

Crime Spree

While in a group, the Leader declares the marked location, and for the session, all contestants steal and kill as quickly and quietly as they can. Points are awarded based on the value of the items stolen (tracked by the leader), and at the end, the top three criminals win prizes.

Extra prize for the collector of the most Dried Blood during the session.  But don’t get caught! Keep that bounty low!

Dreams of the Factotum

Are you any good at Dream Interpretation? 

We’ve trained a Factotum to paint us what they dream. See if you can determine what they really see!

Figure out what the painting was originally and win a prize. First correct answer wins.

Farming Party

Contestants farm materials as a group for a period of time. At the end of the time period, whoever farms the most in gold value (market value as determined by the Leader) wins a prize.

Contestants can then hand over their farmed mats for a return of 40% market value in gold, understanding that this was done as a donation/fundraising event.

The mats are then sold or used for the guild.

Find Norgred's pants

Norgred has done it again. Help him find his pants before Evigna tears him a new one again. 

Norgred’s pants will be hidden in a location within the Guild Hall. Everyone starts at the gate, and when the Leader says GO, everyone races to find Norgred’s pants. 

First to find them wins! Discord Required.

Fishing Contest

Earn points for the fish you pull up, and at the end of the session, the top three fishers win! 

Extra Prize for the one who pulls up the most Wet Gunny Sacks — The Soaked Sucker!

If you fish up all 12 fish in a zone during the session, win an extra special prize!


Olly Olly Oxen Free!

Players will gather at the guild hall to prepare. The Leader will go offline and hide somewhere in the world, and give clues to where they are, both in Discord and in game chat.

Whoever successfully finds the Leader first (or is definitely in the right spot but a different instance, with screenshot proof) will win a prize!

Consideration will be given for simultaneous winners.


Lawn Darts

Bring your Soul Gems, it’s going to get messy. 

Leader jumps off of a tall location, their body landing on the ground. The contestants then attempt to land as close to the Leader as possible, with final determinations made by another Leader. 

Closest three win prizes. 

Musical Chairs

Gather in the Guild Hall for a racous game of Musical Chairs! 

Leader will control the Music Box, and when the music stops, grab a seat! Last one SITTING wins!

Prizes for top 3 players.


Test your knowledge and your wits with Trivia! Topics will be related to Elder Scrolls, and may include specific questions regarding Nords and Cornerclubs.

Set of questions will be asked, the person who answers the most correctly wins a prize. 

Long Contests

Coloring Contest

Do you have an eye for color? Do you like to doodle and color and just generally get arty?

Coloring contests are a fun, relaxing contest that players of all levels can participate in.

Entries are submitted privately, then judged by the Leader for top 3, and then uploaded for a final judging by the guild for Guild Favorite. 

Fashion Contest

Whip out those silks, those linens, that leather. Gather your thread, your dye, and your needle and get to work!

Adhere to the theme and specific restrictions and submit a screenshot of your best couture for a chance at some prizes!

Top 3 take home prizes.

Housing contest

Have an eye for interior design? Exterior design? How about architecture? 

Try your hand at a Housing Competition, adhere to the theme, and win prizes!

Weeklong White-Fish Contest

Contestants fish all week long, then mail in their unfilleted fish, and the top three fishers win prizes.

The fish are then filleted or sold for guild use.

Events & Shenanigans

Naked Nord Fun Run

This event is a Guild Camaraderie event, with no prizes. This is for Shenanigans only. 

Get Naked like Norgred! Run with your guild across a zone, and participate in shenanigans in the cities. 

Discord Highly Encouraged.

Skyshard Run

This event is a Guild Camaraderie event, with no prizes. 

Collect all the Skyshards in a zone with your fellow Guildmates. 

Discord Highly Encouraged.

Wayshrine Taxi

This event is a Guild Camaraderie event, with no prizes.

Climb in the Wayshrine Taxi and get all the Wayshrines in a faction with the assistance of your Leader taxi driver!

Discord Highly Encouraged.


Monthly 50-50 Mat Raffle

The Monthly 50-50 Mat Raffle is a monthly lottery, where people send in materials that match the monthly offering, and at the end of the month, the winner of each sector gets half the materials, with the other half going to the guild.

Full details on the Raffles page.

Weekly Gold Raffle

The Weekly Gold Raffle is a currently Weekly lottery, where people buy tickets with the hopes that their ticket number is pulled at the end of the week and they win the gold or prizes offered.

Full details on the Raffles page.