Here you will find the details regarding the aspects of membership with NNC.


Our guild is founded on respect and love. We are a family and an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ players and allies. Many come to this guild because they have either had a bad experience with toxic gaming environments or just need a place to be themselves.

In this way, our Guild is more than a game – for some people it may be the first place they feel acceptance. We support and guide each other. We resolve conflict as adults with respect and always assuming good intentions. We strive to make this a place of refuge and relaxation, not one of drama and stress. We are the Naked Nord Cornerclub.

We are a social guild. That means we do game content in a supportive, non-elitist environment, with a focus on non-combat content. If players want an endgame raiding guild or trading guild, we can recommend better fits for them. We encourage participation and teach all aspects of gameplay and game strategy.

This is a safe space, however. We have a culture we are trying to cultivate, and those who move against that culture will not find themselves here long. If you find this is not a good fit for you, please be an adult and leave quietly, for everyone’s sake.

We are pro-queer, pro-BLM, and pro-sexwork, among others. These things will come up in conversation. They are allowed and encouraged. Bigotry is not. 

Above all else….be excellent to each other.

Rules of Discord and Chat

We are an 18+ only Guild. That being said, this is not a hyper sexual guild, despite what some may think due to the name.

This guild was named after the Elder Scrolls questline in both Morrowind and ESO about a Nord who loses his axe and pants. Don’t be like Norgred. Keep your pants on.

  • No sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, hate speech, or any other form of discrimination.
  • No harassment.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No spamming.
  • No sexually explicit profile pictures.
  • No advertisement or solicitation.


Moderators reserve the right to delete any post or change a nickname that violates Discord server rules.


Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible.
Moderators reserve the right to disconnect, mute, deafen, or move members to and from voice channels.

If you see something that is potentially in violation of the Discord server rules, please:

  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Notify an Officer immediately via Discord DM or in-game, and provide as much background information as you can.

Officers – when notified, will:

  1. Identify and record the potential violation (screenshots, chat log)
  2. Determine if the post is actually in violation of Discord server or guild chat rules

• If yes, delete the post. Inform the original poster that their comment has been deleted due to violation of rules. Notify a Councilor immediately. Provide all screenshots and background information.
• If no, notify the informant that the post is not in violation of the server or guild chat rules. Notify a Councilor immediately. Provide all screenshots and background information.
• If the informant wishes to further the discussion, please notify a Councilor immediately and request the Councilor communicate directly with the informant.


  • Harassment of any kind: sexual, verbal, or any other bullying behavior will not be tolerated. This includes in game and outside of our game on our media accounts.
  • Stealing: taking from players or the guild bank with malicious intentions to profit
  • Poaching: any attempt to use our roster to recruit or create division in our guild to move to another guild. This follows the rule about no solicitations in guild chat and Discord.
  • Repeated Conflict with Guild Members: inability to resolve conflict after remediation or repeatedly inciting conflict between guild members.

Ranks and Roles


    • People who have just been invited to the Guild will receive the title of “Patron”. Patrons have just walked in the door, and still need to connect to the Discord.
    • Members who have joined the discord will receive the title of “Empty Cup”. Empty Cups and Frothing Tankards make up the majority of the Guild.
    • Members who have been in the guild at the rank of Empty Cup for 30 days will be promoted to Frothing Tankard. Frothing Tankards have the benefit of being able to access the guild bank, but should donate more than they take.
    • People who have shown dedication to the guild and have earned the trust of the GM and their team. Think of them as Officers in Training.
    • Barkeeps are leads for events and social content (contests, auctions, RP, trivia). These dedicated stewards of Guild activity communicate with the Councilors to schedule and promote their events. Barkeeps have demonstrated an ability to lead others in an encouraging and supportive way, adhering to the Guild’s philosophy and guidelines, and helping maintain peace and order in the Guild. Discord required. These leads are volunteered or nominated, and voted in by GM and Councilors.
    • Councilors manage and oversee all aspects of the Guild on a day to day basis, under the eye of the GM. This includes, but it not limited to, driving the overall direction of the Guild, upholding Guild policies, organizing content for the Guild, as well as make final decisions on promotions/demotions. Councilors can Guild kick players who violate Guild rules. This role is bestowed by the GM, added only when more members are needed.
    • Guild leader leads and maintains the Guild with their officers.


  • Traveling Merchant – Guest of the GM, not a member in-game.